Meet the Bairds

River Lane Ranch was homesteaded in 1881 by the Gillies Family. In the 1930’s it was sold to the Bailey Family who were the first bulk dairy producers in Canada. They won many awards for their Holstein cattle and had a very active role in the Clover bar community along with the city of Edmonton. Jack Bailey and his family put their heart and soul into the land that the Baird family now call home.

In 2009 the Baird Family moved onto the land and not long after spending their summers on the banks of the river and riding the many trails that those before them had carved out, they decided the perfect name to call this stunning place would be River Lane Ranch. The Baird’s have tried to continue to honour the Gillies family & the Bailey family by keeping things as pristine and prideful as those before them had. Even staying with the old UFA barn built in 1971 and just adding a few modern touches but not straying too far from their vision or plan.

In the search for the perfect breed of horse for their family, they met the Gypsy Cob. It didn’t take long to see this was a very unique breed. From their temperament to their stunning beauty and amazing versatility, they quickly fell in love.

The entire Baird family has put their whole heart and soul into raising and training horses. Each person plays a vital role into running the ranch and building the success and growth to what it is today. They are proud to be one of the biggest Gypsy Cob breeders in North America and strive to reach new goals and heights each year.

So, who are the Bairds? Keep scrolling to find out ….

Dave Baird



Dave Baird is a master carpenter, an incredible craftsman and not to forget… a custom painter. You will find him in his shop or somewhere on the ranch building and/or making improvements to the ranch. The kids call him the Encyclopedia of infinite knowledge (they aren’t kidding). It just seems that if someone needs to know something, fix something, or create something…Dave is the one to help get it done. You’ll also find him driving the horses, foaling out the babies and checking in on all the seniors and rescue horses on the ranch on the daily.

Carmel Baird




Carmel Baird grew up with horses all around her as her parents and grandparents owned race horses. The love and admiration of horses was something that has always been deep within her soul. She is a very spiritual person who believes in intuition and animal communication. Many would say she’s the boss at the ranch, but she’d just tell you that she is adamant that things get done right and that the horses are always #1.

Melissa Baird




Melissa is the oldest of the Baird children who has been coined as being like the second Mom. She’s up to date on all the ins and outs of what’s going on in the world around us so she can download in her “Breaking Baird Family News” announcements as she calls them. Haha. Often, she’s on the grocery store runs and helps takes care of the kids and day to day household things needed at the ranch.

Wayne Baird




Wayne came home to live on the ranch after traveling the world and deciding that ranching and horses is where he really wants to be. He’s responsible for all the driving horses and training. He’s always the first one to the barn at 5:00 am and you’ll see him out filling waters, rounding up the dogs, fixing fences, day to day repairs, and so much more. He is also an incredible videographer who does many of the ranch videos and promotional work.

Jessica Baird



Jessica is the most loyal and dedicated person you’ll meet. She is always right there with her Dad building, renovating, and taking on any task you throw at her. From pulling quills out of the dogs, to riding and helping with horses, she can tackle just about anything. She is 100% about family and taking care of those around her. She is strong, outspoken, and some may say a little feisty, but what you see is what you get. She has 2 boys who she loves dearly and is recently engaged.

Emily Baird




Emily is the sweetest and kindest person you’ll ever meet. She is always there to greet and take care of the guests on the ranch. She has 2 beautiful daughters and is an amazing Mom to them, and the rest of her nieces and nephews. She is often seen helping with pickups and store runs, cleaning the house and taking care of the smaller animals on the ranch. Emily is the peacekeeper and a caretaker of others.

Keghan Baird



Keghan Baird is an old soul. You’ll know that as soon as you meet him. It’s like he’s lived 10 lifetimes already in just this one. Strong and proud he says what he means and does what he says. His role on the ranch is training our horses and putting on the finishing touches. He is also the one bringing in hay and feed, fixing and repairing just about anything, pasture management and the list goes on. Many have noticed that he looks a lot like Rip from Yellowstone. We have said that if a role was scripted for Keghan, it would very much be similar to Rip. What you see…is what you get.

Mikaela Baird aka – Mike




Mike (as we call her) is the youngest of the 6 children, but don’t let that fool you…she can work circles around just about anyone. Hard working, dedicated and her mom’s right hand, she truly never stops. Mike is also the Head Trainer at RLR and in charge of all the horse’s training programs and regime. She has always had a passion for making horses as quiet and broke as possible. You’ll see her standing on them, climbing under them, waving flags or anything else she can find around them. After having a stroke at 8 years old and using horses to heal, her passion is helping others to find their soulmate and begin their own healing journey with their horse.

Chris Arndt




Big Chris (as we call him) has been a part of our family for 15 years. He’s our oldest grandson’s Dad and just like another son to our family. Chris is the chef that every family wishes they had. 99.9% of the time you will find him in the kitchen making sure that everyone is fed and well looked after. Hard working, and loyal, Chris has always put RLR and his family first. Let’s just say after a long day of horses and hard work we often say around the table “ Thank God for Chris!”.

Maureen Noce




The most incredible, inspiring, and dedicated photographer we know. The things Maureen does with photography are like no other. Her photos are art that speak right to your soul. She is able to capture the true personalities and magic of the horses and humans she photographs. Maureen is a part of our family and our team. You will find her on the ranch several days a week as she also has her own horses that live at RLR. If you love horses and stunning photos be sure to follow Maureen on social media under Maureen Noce Photography…she is truly an inspiration and breath of fresh air.