Meet the Baird's


The Baird family consists of Dave & Carmel Baird, their 6 children (spouses) and so far, 6 grandbabies! River Lane Ranch is a family-run ranch that keeps everyone quite busy. Especially during foaling season!

But it didn’t start there …through their own traumatic life experience when their 8yr old daughter had a stroke, the Baird’s found that Mike’s healing was improving rapidly through her horseback riding lessons and time spent with the horses. As they watched Mikaela heal with horses, they knew this was the direction they wanted to take for their own ranch and breeding program.

From the time they met their first Gypsy Cob, it was clear to see the breeds energy, love and the connection with people was extraordinary. Trusting in their intuition and the guidance of others…they now have anywhere from five to twelve foals a year.

Along with their Healing with Horses programs, Gypsy Ranch Tours and more …the family is proud to present to you all they have worked and strived to achieve.

One thing is for sure …there is never a dull moment at the Bairds~

The love of Family is life's greatest blessing.