Meet the Bairds

Carmel Baird grew up around race horses, while Dave Baird was born and raised in the big city of Toronto. After being around hot thoroughbreds Carmel grew a fear of horses and Dave never had any interaction with them. Little did they know, there was a life full of horses that lay ahead.

In 2009 their daughter Mikaela had a stroke. Dave and Carmel both knew life had to slow down, get simpler, less stressful and that a miracle would need to happen to see Mikaela and their family through the battle that lay ahead.

Carmel decided she wanted to conquer her fear of horses and had no idea that this would be the healing and the gift that Mike needed to overcome her physical challenges from the stroke.

The Bairds have seen within their own family and with their daughter Mike who is now a 1D youth barrel racer and growing horsewomen, horses can heal and change lives. When they found the Gypsy Vanner Horses they knew they had found the perfect horse to help others do the same.