Meet the Boys...

We are always so excited when our colts are born here at the ranch! We feel that the trust bond between human and horse is a vital part of the relationship. It happens daily. Our motto here is “Every horse, every day.”

Some colts are kept here to become geldings and join our Healing with Horses with program, while others are sold, to make amazing Stallions or geldings for their future soul mates.



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RLR Big Tatanka

Sire: SD Empire

Dam: SD Dancing Queen

D.O.B: June 5th, 2022

Tatanka which means Buffalo in the Lakota language, was the perfect name for this incredible colt. It is said by first nations people that cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charge toward it. When Tantanka was born he stood up within moments and showed us that he was clearly as brave and bold as the Buffalo.

Tatanka is every bit as stunning as his sire SD Empire and his beautiful dam SD Dancing Queen. He goes back to some of the greatest there ever was and is …SD Woolly Mammoth, SD Dixies Dancer, SD Perfect Mare, SD Blackjack, SD Apple Jack …the list goes on.

If you watch any of our colts in the years to come …watch for Tatanka because he truly has what it takes and comes from the very best of the best.

RLR Rhinestone Cowboy

Sire: SD Empire

Dam: SD Alfy’s Ruby

DOB: April 8th, 2023

Is the world ready for a Rhinestone Cowboy? We’re about to find out! This incredible colt is staying at RLR and will begin his show career in 2024. Cowboy is a red sabino with the heart of a champion and so much more. He’s had it from the moment he was born, and it’s so easy to see he truly is going to be all that and then some.

Another SD Empire son that truly does have it all.