Meet the Men...

We knew that with our exceptional foundation mares, and the outstanding quality that all of our mares have, that finding just the right stallions would be no easy feat and it wasn’t.

We had to have a lot of faith, trust and above all patience. When a stallion has to be more then a pretty face, because your program needs it all. You do NOT settle.


We breed first and foremost for temperament then after that we seek out the right type, conformation and breed standard. Our stallions have to be 100% perfect or we will not consider them for our program. You can be sure what you’re seeing on this page is about as close to perfection as you can get.



EW Gorgeous George

DOB: 03/05/2004
 Sire: The Conqueror
Dam: Earth Energies Blue Eagle

The word gorgeous does not even come close to doing George justice. He is the first stallion we have ever seen that has completely taken our breath away. With his staggering beauty and captivating movement we are in awe each time we see him saunter his way over to us in his pasture. With his head held high as a beacon of pride and his gentle eyes gazing upon you, you just know you are in the presence of greatness.

George fills his roll as protector and guardian each time he’s ridden or driven. With grace and beauty he takes us on a magical, yet safe and secure journey each time.

We are so grateful to Heaven Sent Farms for trusting us to be George’s forever home. Watch for him in the show ring in 2018.

Occasionally available to limited and approved mares only. 

Roman of HSF

DOB: 01/01/2006
Breed: Gypsy Horse/Plow Horse Sire: Little Ricky
Dam: Desert Jewel Rowan


They say that an old soul has lived in many lifetimes. They are wise beyond their years and are full of knowledge and lessons that most, will never be able to truly understand. That is how we can best describe our stallion Roman. A wise old soul, who’s energy can be felt from afar. In his presence you are taken back by his perfect conformation, trusting nature and stunning rich colour. God blessed us when he provided our ranch with a stallion as magnificent as Roman. Watch for Roman in the 2018 show season!

Occasionally available to limited and approved mares only. 

North Fork Woolly Mammoth's Black Beard

Sire: SD Woolly Mammoth
Dam: Besy
DOB – April 29, 2016 

A carbon copy of his sire, Black Beard exemplifies the traditional breeding stallion. With the unfortunate passing of SD Woolly Mammoth in 2017, Black Beard promises to carry on the legacy of the heavy bone, muscling and feather that made his sire famous. It is a rare opportunity to be offered the stewardship of the future of the Woolly Mammoth bloodline. Black Beard has the personality that most would be jealous to have in a stallion. He is patient, kind, willing and above all respectful to all who handle and train with him.

We are so pleased and proud to be training this stallion. Watch for him in the future!

Occasionally available to limited and approved mares only. 

"Stay Tuned"

Another special announcement coming in spring of 2018

"Stay Tuned"

Another special announcement coming in 2019