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RLR Ida Mae

For Sale

Sire: SD Lionheart

Dam: SD Treasure

DOB: April 3rd, 2023

Named after a beloved Auntie we think Ida Mae is the most beautiful filly Treasure and Lionheart have had so far. She was the first to arrive at RLR this spring and so she’s had lots of attention from all of our family from the start. She’s a big filly who is sure to do us proud in and out of the show ring.

RLR Empire’s Empress

For Sale

Sire: SD Empire

Dam: SD League of Her Own

DOB: April 13th, 2023

We have been patiently waiting for this stunning black filly to arrive. We knew what we had even before she was born.  She truly is 100% excellence. Empire and League have the lines and the back breeding to create champions in and out of the show ring. Heavy bone, a big wide chest and more feather from the time she was born than some colts have at 6 months! Watch out world ..Empress is coming!

RLR Norma Jeane


Sire:SD Lionheart

Dam:SD Treasure

DOB – March 23, 2022

If there was ever a filly that needed to be named after thee Marilyn Monroe it would be this stunning girl.  Norma Jeane is absolutely gorgeous and turns heads immediately when people see her.

Her rich bay colour and long beautiful eyelashes will draw you in. Together, sire and dam have created one of the most beautiful bay and white fillies we’ve seen. Norma Jeane’s lines go back to champions like her grandfather SD StreetFighter and grandmother SD Hair Bear, SD Gambler and SD Down’s Dolly. This beautiful girl is going to be draped in feather, thick with heavy bone and striking from head to toe.

Whether you are looking for a soulmate or showhorse …RLR Norma Jeane is all that and more!

To see videos, you’ll find her on our River Lane Ranch Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re interested in more details, please email us at [email protected]

SD Fortune Teller


Sire: SD Tornado

Dam: SD Mikey’s Mercedes

D.O.B: June 10, 2020

We love all colours, but if we had a favourite colour it would be this one! Fortune is a beautiful splash filly that was a dream of ours to have. 2020 has had many twists and turns but when this filly was born, we had the best news ever when we were told she would be ours! We have very big plans for this girl and can’t wait to get her out and shown. She has an outstanding dam and her sire speaks for himself! Watch for Dream Big ..she is about to make some of our big dreams come true!

SGV Tillie Rose of River Lane Ranch


Sire: SD Empire
Dam: WR Trillium

DOB – May 22, 2020

Let me tell you about Tillie! This beautiful filly is an SD Empire daughter and it shows. Both parents are champions who have won countless awards and ribbons. Putting these two beauties together we knew was sure to make something special.

When Tillie was born, we thought she would be quite little, but she’s gone through a major growth spurt and we believe she will easily make 14hh.

Tillie checks all the boxes with feather, bone, mane, tail, conformation and that Gypsy Cob personality that we all know and love.

Tillie Rose is a favourite here at RLR and it will be hard to let her go …if only we could keep them all! A very special home will be needed for this girl.

Price: For pricing please email [email protected] or call 780 399 3001.

North Fork Woolly Mammoth’s Anise


Sire: SD Woolly Mammoth
Dam: North Fork Delphina

DOB – April 30, 2016

This captivating filly is simply the complete package. Her body, bone and pedigree encompass all that is needed for a world-class show horse and a top broodmare. Anise is deep in the heart, balanced out by a keen neck and heavy hip. Her legendary sire, Woolly Mammoth stamped this filly with his feather, character and disposition. Her smokey buckskin dam, North Fork Delphina, has added colour, size and an elastic movement that we’ve come to expect from a top Gypsy Vanner.

Anise is in full time training. She clips, loads, is fit and ready for the show ring.

Colour: Agouti a/a.