Our Most frequently asked questions


River Lane Ranch

Q. Do you only sell Gypsy Cobs?

A. Yes. Currently we only breed and raise traditional Gypsy Cobs (also known as Gypsy Vanners). We do own other breeds of horses, but we, ourselves only raise this breed.


Q. Do you sell in utero?

A. We do not sell foals in utero. There are too many variables; from conception to that first well baby checkup to a healthy foal that’s thriving. We offer foals usually around 2-3 weeks of age. This gives us enough time to make decisions about who’s available, and then we’ve also had time for a checkup with our vets. This also gives the foal time unfold and allows us and our buyers to see them and know the colour genetics.


Q. Do you have a waitlist?

A. No, we do not. Due to the amount of people, we have contact us daily and all the requests we get for foals/horses we just wouldn’t be able to keep up with this in a fair way for everyone. We do post all the available foals and horses on our social media when they come available and on our website. We also let you know when we are on foal watch and who we are watching. As well we update our website once decisions have been made about who’s for sale – riverlaneranch.com


Q. Will you hold a foal or horse if someone is interested?

A. We will only hold a foal/horse with a deposit. If you ask for a contract, please, be ready to sign and move forward. We will not accept a deposit without a signed contract, and we won’t accept a signed contract without a deposit. We must have both.


Q. Do you accept payments?

A. Yes, but only short term.


Q. What’s needed for approval to buy a foal?

A. We do need to speak to you on the phone. We want to get to know our new owners. We will ask where you live, where the horse/foal will live. We may ask for references, photos of your farm or other horses. We will ask about your vet, farrier, trainer as well as your experience with a young horse, your expectations, your future etc.  Occasionally we may only offer foals to a show home.


Q. What’s needed to transport to the USA?

A. The majority of our foals are sold to the USA. All that’s needed for the horse/foal to cross the border is a coggins test and a border health certificate done within 30 days of travel. These costs are paid directly to our vet in CND dollars. We’re also happy to recommend someone from the small network of haulers we know and trust.


Q. What can we expect with a weanling foal from River Lane Ranch?

A. Our ranch takes breeding and raising our foals very seriously. This is not a hobby or a pastime for us, but a full-time horse ranch. We have an excellent reputation for being hands on breeders and giving considerable amount of handling and care to our foals. We have many of references that we are happy to pass along to our new buyers. Our goal is to find the perfect match for every foal. We believe in soulmate connections, and we want them for each of our foals and their owners. Each foal will arrive able to halter and lead, stand to tie, able to load in the trailer. Each of our foals is given the absolute best care possible from the day they are born. RLR has a herd vet that comes to the ranch every 2 weeks like clockwork. We provide a full disclosure of worming, trims, bloodlines, heights, health status etc.


Q. Will my foal be body clipped?

A. Yes! The summers are hot here in Alberta and so it’s likely your foal will have been clipped 1-2 times already before coming to you. They get lots of baths and time with grooming as well.


Q. Which registry will my new foal be filed with?

A. 100% of our horses are registered with the TGCA registry. 90% of horses are registered with the GVHS. We allow you to choose, or you can decide to have both. Once final payment is received for your foal, we will begin that foals’ registration process. Papers will arrive at new owners address straight from the registry of choice. (Both registries require DNA testing to confirm parentage. We pull hair samples when we send in their registration)


Q. What can I expect from my foal?

A. Your foal will know how to stand to tie, how to lead, how to load in and out of the trailer, how to pick up their feet for the farrier. They will know bathing and clipping. They will have a trust in their humans and look to you for guidance and support, as we spend a ton of time with our babies.


Q. What do you feed your foals/horses?

A. From turmeric to aloe vera juice, to special feeds and an amazing quality of hay…we give all of these details to you when you purchase your foal. We want you to be set up for success and have your foal thrive just like ours do.


Q. When will foals be ready to travel?

A. Foals are weaned at approximately 4 months of age. They are ready to travel approximately 30 days post weaning. This gives the youngster time to adjust to life without mum.


Q. Pssm1 testing?

A. This is a touchy subject for us, as after years of breeding and observation we have never seen any ill effects on horses or foals that carry a pssm1 marker. Absolutely none. However, we do test our foals for this and will be 100% honest about any that may carry one copy. Please note no prices are lowered for foals that may carry a copy.


Q. What is the RLR before the foal’s name mean?

A. RLR stands for River Lane Ranch. All the foals that we breed on this ranch will have that prefix. Any horse or foal that was bred by another farm or ranch will have their prefix. We don’t drop prefixes or take them off out of respect for those breeders and we expect others wouldn’t do the same to us.


If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to answer any questions that may not have been covered here.