Meet the Ladies...

Our mares are one of the most important things to us here at River Lane Ranch. All our horses are special, but these ladies are on the highest pedestal we can give them.

They are handled daily and given the care and attention they deserve because they are the cornerstone of all that we do at River Lane Ranch. We feel that the trust and bond between human and horse is a vital part of the relationship. It happens daily. Our motto here is “Every horse, every day.”

We breed first and foremost for temperament, type, conformation and traditional breed standard. Our girls have beautiful manes and abundant feather that not only makes them fine producers of competitive show horses or family soulmates…but they are also exquisite examples of the breed used in our equine therapy program. 

SD Big Joy

Sire: SD Big News

Dam: SD Tyson’s Treasure (SD Mandy Granddaughter)

D.O.B: May 12, 2020

This mare may be one of the hardest ones to put into words. She was named by Bonny Down and given a very special tribute with her name in honour of Grandma/Mom whose name was Joy. We can’t describe how incredible her mind is or how big her heart is. Joy is the most intuitive horse we’ve ever met and a mare who ticks off every single box there is. Proof is in the photos and in her breeding, so we won’t waste time with words. This girl truly is …simply The Best!

SD Treasure

Sire: SD Streetfighter

Dam: SD Hair Bear


Her Story: This stunning mare is a true treasure and lives up to her name in every way. Treasure was hand raised because her dam passed away just a few months after she was born. She has a very special bond with people and is that type of horse that will leave her food to come and spend time with you. Her rich bay tobiano markings are in all the right places and she has the most perfect head, heavy bone and on point confirmation. Treasure ticked every box to be a part of our program, but then won our hearts and is now a forever mare here at River Lane Ranch. We are excited to share her foals with those who love this breed as much as we do.

SD Alfy's Ruby

Sire: SD Knomeo
Dam: SD Dancing Queen


Her Story: Alfy’s Ruby is a beautiful red sabino girl who is now a family favourite. So easy to train and willing to give her whole heart this stunning girl has it all. Beautiful movement, confirmation, feather ..she ticks off every box for us. We can’t wait to see what her and SD Empire are cooking up for us in 2022!

SD Diva's Dolly

Sire: SD 007 (SD Josephine x SD Blue Horse)

Dam: SD Diva (SD Pink Dolly x SD Casino)

DOB: August 8, 2013

Her Story: This mare is a true gift in every sense of the word. Bred and raised by Gavin and Janey from SD Farms, she was offered for sale to our family as the perfect match for our Healing with Horses program and breeding program.

For many years in England, this mare has proven time and time again that she throws outstanding foals! It’s not just what the stallion can do, but also what the mare has proven she can do overtime that makes the perfect Gypsy Cob!

We now have the opportunity to see what she will do in Alberta Canada for River Lane Ranch!

We can’t wait to see her foals with SD Empire and SD Lionheart!

SD League of Her Own

Sire: SD The Don

Dam: SD Mandy Granddaughter

D.O.B: June 8, 2018

Her Story: There are some horses that you really have to take a moment to think about just how you’ll describe them, so your reader knows just how incredible they really are. We’d start with words for this mare like …outstanding, striking, stunning, beautiful, one of a kind, mind blowing…and those are just a few of what first comes to mind. She was named League of Her Own because she is just that….in a league of her own. This mare is the best of the best. We cannot wait for you to meet her in the show ring and see what she will bring to the table in Canada for the true proper Gypsy Cobs breed. We are keeping this mare under wraps but here’s a beautiful head shot from the fields of England

SD Danielle

Sire: SD Rock on Tommy
Dam: SD Queen


Her Story: Danielle is the perfect package. She has those stunning blue eyes that just draw you in and ask to be loved. We are very happy to have a girl that comes from Rock on Tommy lines. We can’t wait to see what she’ll give us in 2022 with her first foal for RLR.

SD Gloria

Sire: SD Jim

Dam: SD Izzy


To have this iconic mare at RLR is such an honour and a true blessing. Not only is Gloria a daughter to SD Izzy who is our all-time favourite mare in England, but she is also the dam of SD The Don. One of the most famous stallions in the world of Gypsies.

Gloria is what we would consider a top producing mare who brings all the goodness and blessings to our breeding program. It’s very easy to see who she is and what she can produce…but on top of those things she is a favourite amongst our family. Her sweet and kind temperament brings her right to us in the pastures, as she loves all our attention and gives that back 10 fold.

Watch for her foals coming to RLR in 2022, as she’s paired with none other than SD Empire.

SD London's Lady

Sire: SD Dixie’s Dancer

Dam: SD First Love

DOB:  May 4, 2014

Her Story: London is a beautiful big blagden mare who we are thrilled to have in our breeding program. Going back to SD First Love and SD Dixie’s Dancer these impeccable lines will complement our stallions and are sure to bring some beautiful foals to North America. She ticks off all the boxes and has the most beautiful temperament and personality to create the perfect pick for us here at RLR.

SD Mikey's Mercedes

Sire: SD Jack

Dam: SD Mercedes Mare (SD Laddie and back to SD Janey Mare)

D.O.B: June 1, 2010

Her Story: This mare is the perfect match for her owner Mikaela Baird (aka as Mikey). Mikey has wanted to start off her own breeding program right and starting right to us at RLR means importing some of the best horses in the world, and from a family we know and trust. Mikey’s Mercedes is one of those mares who wasn’t for sale until the right time and person came along. We are very excited for Mikey and all that this mare will bring to her own breeding program at RLR.

Beautiful Blossom

Sire:  North Fork Cayenne

Dam:  Bright Sky

D.O.B:  June 24th, 2017

Sometimes when you aren’t looking opportunities come across the table that maybe you wouldn’t previously have had. Blossom is one of those girls. Her previous owner was moving out of the country and this beautiful girl needed a new home. The first thing to catch our eye was that not far back in her lines is SD Chief who is definitely a favourite stallion of ours from SD Farms. We love this little mare and all that she has to add to our program.

Lioness Kiandra

Sire:  The Lion King

Dam:  Holy

D.O.B:  May 12, 2007

Coming to the ranch with a few other mares, this big, bold, beautiful girl walked off the trailer and you couldn’t help but take a second look. She’s a mare that will catch your eye right away, because you know that you are looking at old foundation lines. Her sire was a heavy stallion known to throw feather and thick heavy bone. Kiandra has settled right into the routine here and loves all her pasture friends along with as much time on the wash bay as she can get. We love this mare and know that’ll she be here for the rest of her days with a family that will give back to her as much as she’s given to others.

Shelby Quinn

Sire: Pablo Van De Bonte Parels

Dam: Kira

D.O.B: May 9th, 2007

Shelby Quinn boasts foundation lines on her sire and Dam’s side. Coming to live with us here at the ranch was completely by chance, but one that we welcomed with open arms. Shelby is a beautiful mare who loves everyone she meets and goes out of her way to be the first one to greet you at the gate. Stay tuned to learn more!


Sire:  The Warden

Dam: Ringo

D.O.B:  July 13th, 2012

It’s no secret by now that we love SD bred horses and always go searching for those lines in all the horses that come to our ranch. Well Anastasia was no exception to that rule! When she came to live at RLR we had open arms knowing that she is going to make some absolutely knock it out of the park foals that will draw back into those incredible SD lines and show you just what she’s made of. Tons of feather, heavy bone, a beautiful deer like head, along with an LP gene that’s sure to throw the splash just where we want it!

Stella Ella

Sire:  Don Juan

Dam: Kiandra

D.O.B:  May 26th, 2020

Stella Ella Olla clap clap clap ..that’s what you’ll be doing when you meet Stella. Clapping! This beautiful Lion King granddaughter also goes back to Taskin and other names that you’re sure to have heard in the show ring. Stella is currently getting her start under saddle with the trainers at RLR and is sure to be out with the family on the trails very soon!

In Loving Memory

 “Once touched by the spirit of a horse, your soul remains forever enlightened.” — Unknown

SD Jessica Jane

Sire: SD The Don
Dam: SD Bambi

DOB: June 2018

Love cannot end and it cannot disappear. She will always be with us and always be near.

Queen of The Gypsies

Sire: The Roadsweeper UK
Dam: The John Stanley’s Mare

DOB: January 1, 1997

If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever.