Meet the Girls...

Our mares are handled daily and given the care and attention they deserve because they are the cornerstone of all that we do at River Lane Ranch. We feel that the trust bond between human and horse is a vital part of the relationship. It happens daily. Our motto here is “Every horse, every day.”

We breed first and foremost for temperament, type, conformation and breed standard. Their beautiful manes and abundant feather make them not only fine producers of competitive show horses, they are also exquisite examples of the breed used in our equine therapy program and in our show string. 

Queen of The Gypsies

Sire: The Roadsweeper UK
Dam: The John Stanley’s Mare

DOB: January 1, 1997

Her Story: When the Romany breeders in England gave this mare her name, we know exactly what they were thinking. Her singular beauty and regal presence exemplified royalty. She became: Queen of the Gypsies.  Her elegance is eclipse only by her gentleness. Within days of arriving at the ranch, Queen embraced her new role as a therapy horse with a group of visitors, demonstrating a tenderness towards people that left us speechless. It seems her years of wisdom and life experience make her the perfect horse to reach people in a way that is truly life-changing.

Along with her docile nature, Queen has impeccable conformation and pedigree. She is a direct daughter of The Road Sweeper UK, who was arguably one of the most famous stallions in Europe. Road Sweeper has made an indelible mark on the Gypsy Vanners in North America and we are proud to have Queen as one of our premier breeding mares. Even at 30 years old, she is still captivating and in our minds, the epitome of the Gypsy Vanner breed. Much gratitude to Gypsy Dreams for their willingness to share such an incredible mare.

WR Olive

Sire: GVR ER’S Pilot by Latcho
Dam: WR Pearly Queen

DOB: March 26, 2012

Her Story: ‘Exquisite’ is the word that comes to mind when you meet Olive for the first time. Her striking color pattern and kind eye will draw you in and keep you there. This sweet mare loves to be with people and willingly stands while the little ones at the ranch brush out her long mane and put in her braids . A golden personality like Olive has is required of every horse that enters our Healing with Horses Program.

In addition to our equine therapy program, Olive will be in our 2018 show string as well as our breeding herd.  She has a lovely head, keen neck set on a very heavily muscled body. Olive is exceptionally deep in the heart and hip, but still maintains her femininity and poise. With parents like Pearlie Queen and Pilot; grandparents like Chauvani, Latcho Drom, (ggp)ER Gypsy, Romney Rye, Cushti Bok, The Gypsy King & The Old Horse of Wales, you can see why we are very excited about her future! We are so grateful to John Egan & Joy Goebel for allowing us to have this very special Gypsy Vanner.





Desert Jewel Auburn

Sire: The Business
Dam: Foundation Mare

DOB: January 1, 2000

Her Story: When you imagine a horse on a wintery hillside in Canada, nothing is more perfect than a s​ilver ​d​apple mare displaying her unique snowflake pattern. Desert Jewel Auburn, with her pearly mane and russet eyes is simply captivating. From Europe to Arizona to The Great White North, Auburn brings to our therapy program a sensitivity and intuition that makes her vital to our clients. Her ability to help those who struggle with ​all types ​pain​ whether​ physical, ​mental or emotional, has placed her at the centre of our ​mission​.​ Auburn helps others face their personal challenges​, making room for healing to begin.

Auburn is a proven producer of world class Gypsy Vanners, including premier dressage and driving stallion, Austin. At 15.1 hands and 1400 lbs, Auburn still floats like a cloud. Her conformation, style and substance along with her unique color genetics are sure to produce. We look forward to her foal crop at River Lane Ranch. Our deepest gratitude to Jen and Shannon of Gypsy Dreams for their generosity in parting with this outstanding mare.

SGV Trilly's Oliva Grace

Sire: GVR ER’S Pilot by Latcho
Dam: WR Trillium

DOB: April 28, 2014

Her Story: ‘Grace’ certainly describes this mare in every way. Her poise and staggering beauty is accentuated by her forward movement and natural carriage. Olivia Grace is a quiet mare with a sincere gentleness about her. Raised at Shenandoah Gypsy Vanners in Florida, she was sold to Spruce Meadows in Calgary as a yearling. It wasn’t long before she became an ambassador of the breed and crowd favorite, as she floated around the stadium carrying the Canadian flag.

Olivia not only has talent & beauty, she has a stellar pedigree. Her dam WR Trillium is the top champion producing mare in North America & her sire is GVR Pilot, an own son of Latcho Drom. To say we were thrilled when Spruce Meadows donated her to River Lane Ranch, is an understatement indeed. The generosity of Linda Southern-Heathcott can be felt by all who have the privilege of experiencing Olivia in our Healing with Horses Program. Her gentle nature and patient mind is so comforting to people suffering from trauma or fear. From a therapy horse, to our breeding shed, to the 2018 show string, this mare will be a superstar! We are eternally grateful to Linda, Deb and everyone at Spruce Meadows for their heartfelt donation of Olivia Grace to our ranch.

Clononeen Celestial

Sire: Horseshoe Boy
Dam: “Billy Gaskin” Mare
DOB:January 1, 2002

Her Story: Celestial is a stnning mare with a sensitive soul. Her tenderness towards people make her instrumental in our Healing with Horses Equine Thearpy Program. Celest, as we call her, resonates with those who have gone through their own personal trauma and struggle. She is the kind of horse that feels people and their emotions without judgment. She understands fear and helps others become brave.

With her satin mane and tail, Celest is one of the most beautiful horses at our ranch. We feel she is perfect in every way and are thrilled to have this foundation mare in our breeding program. Celest was one of the first Gypsy Vanner Horses imported to Canada from England. Along with her exceptional blood lines, it takes fear to understand courage and Celestial helps our clients do just that. She is a protective Mother, the ranch matriarch and a true Gypsy soul at heart.

Celestial is in foal for 2018 to North Fork Rorschach

Clononeen Violet

Sire: Billy Boy
Dam: Foundation
DOB:January 1, 2002

Her Story: When you meet Violet, the first thing you notice is that she is different. She is not the biggest horse in the field or the first one to the gate. There is a quiet peace about Violet that shows as she lowers her head and gently walks up to be near you. She doesn’t act like a normal horse, she is different. With one dazzling blue eye, and one jet black eye, her apperance is just as unique as her nature; making her a perfect fit for our Healing with Horses program. When people struggle with who they are and being different in a world which wants everyone to be the same …Violet teaching us that to be unique is to be amazing.

Violet was important from England by North Fork and presented as an ambassador in the Breeds of the World Exhibition at Spruce Meadows in Calgary. We are told that Violet was picked out of the herd of horses from hundreds of other gypsies in England, the wife said, “Violet is NOT for sale!”. She was her favorite and had no plans of letting her go. It’s clear to us, now that Violet is at River Lane Ranch, why she didn’t want to say goodbye to this beautiful mare. We are blessed to have her.


North Fork Delphina

Sire: North Fork Aslan
Dam: Bailey

DOB: June 17, 2012

Her Story: Also know at the ranch as The Big Grey Mare, Delphina is just as stunning in person as she is in her photos. Her personality reminds us of the kid in school who is friends with everyone and never has a negative thing to say. Her heart is wide open and she trusts with all she has. We knew Delphina’s kindness and bravery would be a great fit for our Healing with Horses program. Even though she is 15 hands tall and weighs 1400 lbs, Delphina’s soft eye and gentle spirit has a way of helping others overcome their fear and anxiety in a way that only a horse can do. She is bold and brave, helping others to see themselves the same way.

Delphina is also an integral part of our breeding program. With her smokey buckskin genetics and stellar conformation, we are thrilled with the beauty and temperament of her offspring. It is a known fact that Delphina is Dave Baird’s favorite horse and if you meet her you will know why.

Delphina is in foal for 2018 to Woolly Mammoth.

Meet Delphina’s off spring;

Woolly Mammoth’s Perfect Wish

North Fork Anise


River Lane Ranch She's First In Line Zoe

Sire: Clononeen Fionn Mac Cumhaill
Dam: Phoebe

 DOB: July 20, 2011

Her Story: Zoe came to ranch with a history of sadness. Even though she had the best care, Zoe lost her first foal, and then watched her second foal be attacked by a cougar at just 10 days old. The foal survived, but horses have amazing memories and seem to store trauma as humans do. When we purchased Zoe, she was pregnant with her third foal, but after only a few months, she lost a baby for the second time. The vets had no explanation as we all stood in shock. Our hearts broke for Zoe. We were determined to help this mare overcome her sadness. Then… a miracle came along.

One week after Zoe lost her foal, there was a little Canadian colt has just his Mother to colic and needed a surrogate Mom. River Lane Ranch knew this would be the best thing to help Zoe heal. The baby arrived and we were thrilled when Momma Zoe took to the new baby immediately Within moments she tucked the little one in beside her and the bond began. Zoe is now one of our Healing with Horses superstars, who is quietly helping others overcome sadness and loss.

Zoe is bred to Valentino Taskin for a 2018 foal.

River Lane Ranch She's A Vegas Show Girl

Sire: Coates Silver Thunder
Dam: River Lane Ranch First In Line Zoe 
DOB:May 24, 2015

Her Story: You may wonder why anyone would name a horse Vegas Show Girl. Her story didn’t start out that way. Ten days after Vegas was born at her previous owners farm, she was attacked by a cougar. When she came to us as a yearling, it was clear to see the scars that she carried on the outside and the inside. She lacked trust, guarded her right side, and was sure everyone and everything was out to get her. It didn’t take long for the trainers at the ranch to see this beautiful Gypsy Vanner’s true heart. They soon realized that she believed the story that everyone was telling her. That she was scared, hurt, vulnerable and had been through a tragedy.

They team went right to work and began to help her change her story. Have you ever seen a Vegas Show Girl who wasn’t beautiful, confident and full of pizzaz? We didn’t think so. She got a new name and a new way of looking at the world. To meet Vegas today you would have no idea she had been through such an ordeal. Her scars may tell the tale, but her personality, beauty and presence does not. She is probably the most fearless horse on this ranch. As a part of our Healing with Horses Program, Vegas teaches others that we all have scars but they don’t have to define who we are or what we can accomplish.

Day Breaks Wonder of Spirit AKA- Maisie

Sire: Wandering Spirit GHHH
Dam: Prairie Thunder Day Break
DOB:  May 27, 2012

Her Story: Maisie is owner Carmel Baird’s forever horse. She couldn’t get the little mare out of her mind and kept wondering why she continued to dream about her and feel a bond, even though they had only had a brief encounter.  It didn’t take Carmel long to realize that it was definitely fate that brought these two together as Maisie helped Carmel overcome her fear as she continues on her journey of becoming a confident horsewomen.

Maisie not only passes on her wonderful personality and kind disposition, but also her correct conformation and classic beauty.

Maisie Offspring