Meet the Ladies...

Our mares are one of the most important things to us here at River Lane Ranch. All our horses are special, but these ladies are on the highest pedestal we can give them.

They are handled daily and given the care and attention they deserve because they are the cornerstone of all that we do at River Lane Ranch. We feel that the trust and bond between human and horse is a vital part of the relationship. It happens daily. Our motto here is “Every horse, every day.”

We breed first and foremost for temperament, type, conformation and traditional breed standard. Our girls have beautiful manes and abundant feather that not only makes them fine producers of competitive show horses or family soulmates…but they are also exquisite examples of the breed used in our equine therapy program. 

SD Diva’s Dolly

Sire: SD 007 (SD Josephine x SD Blue Horse)

Dam: SD Diva (SD Pink Dolly x SD Casino)

DOB: August 8, 2013

Her Story: This mare is a true gift in every sense of the word. Bred and raised by Gavin and Janey from SD Farms, she was offered for sale to our family as the perfect match for our Healing with Horses program and breeding program.

For many years in England, this mare has proven time and time again that she throws outstanding foals! It’s not just what the stallion can do, but also what the mare has proven she can do overtime that makes the perfect Gypsy Cob!

We now have the opportunity to see what she will do in Alberta Canada for River Lane Ranch!

We can’t wait to see her foals with SD Empire and SD Lionheart!

SD League of Her Own

Sire: SD The Don

Dam: SD Mandy Granddaughter

D.O.B: June 8, 2018

Her Story: There are some horses that you really have to take a moment to think about just how you’ll describe them, so your reader knows just how incredible they really are. We’d start with words for this mare like …outstanding, striking, stunning, beautiful, one of a kind, mind blowing…and those are just a few of what first comes to mind. She was named League of Her Own because she is just that….in a league of her own. This mare is the best of the best. We cannot wait for you to meet her in the show ring and see what she will bring to the table in Canada for the true proper Gypsy Cobs breed. We are keeping this mare under wraps but here’s a beautiful head shot from the fields of England

SD London's Lady

Sire: SD Dixie’s Dancer

Dam: SD First Love

DOB:  May 4, 2014

Her Story: London is a beautiful big blagden mare who we are thrilled to have in our breeding program. Going back to SD First Love and SD Dixie’s Dancer these impeccable lines will complement our stallions and are sure to bring some beautiful foals to North America. She ticks off all the boxes and has the most beautiful temperament and personality to create the perfect pick for us here at RLR.

SD Don in Style

Sire: SD The Don

Dam: SD Glitz N Glamour

DOB: April 17, 2016

Her Story: The 2020 surprise of a lifetime! There is no way in a million years we thought we would ever own this mare and so when we found out she could come to Canada we were popping the bubbly and cheering with joy! A massive thank you goes out to Bonny Down in England for sharing this stunning mare with us. We can’t tell you how much it means to have a daughter from SD Glitz N Glamour and SD The Don. Those are some outstanding lines and we have high hopes for this mare and her 2020 foal who will be coming to Canada with her very soon.

SD Mikey’s Mercedes

Sire: SD Jack

Dam: SD Mercedes Mare (SD Laddie and back to SD Janey Mare)

D.O.B: June 1, 2010

Her Story: This mare is the perfect match for her owner Mikaela Baird (aka as Mikey). Mikey has wanted to start off her own breeding program right and starting right to us at RLR means importing some of the best horses in the world, and from a family we know and trust. Mikey’s Mercedes is one of those mares who wasn’t for sale until the right time and person came along. We are very excited for Mikey and all that this mare will bring to her own breeding program at RLR.

SD Emily Rose

Sire: SD Streetfighter (SD Woolly Mammoth x SD Cocky Mare)

Dam: SD Black Mare (SD Hair Bear Filly & SD Woolly Mammoth)

DOB: May 27, 2015

Her Story: What is there not to love about this outstanding SD Streetfighter daughter! This beautiful prize mare has all the right lines backing her to produce some amazing foals! SD Emily Rose has more feather then many stallions do.

She is a big mare who is going to fit right into our program here at RLR.

We love everything about this mare and can’t wait to see her 2021 foals when they arrive!

SD Painted Princess

Sire: SD Tom Thumb (SD Chief x SD Mother’s Day)

Dam: SD No.5 Filly (SD Woolly Mammoth x SD No. 5 Mare)

DOB: May 1, 2013

Her Story: We knew we loved this mare the moment we saw a video of her. There is nothing more special than a classic black and white mare with a stunning blue eye. Her neck, her bone, her feather and best of all her temperament tick every box that we require to become a part of our program.

This is a very special mare that goes back to some incredible linage. We can’t wait to pair her with SD Empire!


Sire: Not verified

Dam: Not verified

DOB: January 1, 2001

Her Story: She is a legend, an icon and a mare that we promised to keep at RLR forever.

Besy was originally owned by Simey Doherty, ​she appears in many beautiful photos in John S. Hockensmith’s book, “Gypsy Horses and the Travel​l​er’s Way – The Road to Appleby Fair​”​. Within those pages are many scenes ​of Besy doing what she did best ​while there​, pulling Simey’s Vardo alongside of Sydney Harker and other legendary breeders of our time. She ​is also​ in Mark J. Barrett’s film, ​”​Gypsy Vanner Horse”.

Imported from England to Canada, Besy has made her way to RLR and is now often seen packing around grandbabies and friends, as she is the perfect safe mount for those who may be nervous or know little about horses. A beautiful mare with a soul that wants to give to others.

GHHH Day Breaks Wonder of Spirit AKA- Maisie

Sire: Wandering Spirit GHHH
Dam: Prairie Thunder Day Break

DOB: May 27, 2012

Her Story: Most breeders will tell you that they also have a heart mare. Maisie is that mare here for us at RLR. Always the first to greet you at the gate and the last to leave your side, this mare is a true family member. She has a pretty little head, big apple butt and not to mention the lucky white ear. Maisie is an excellent Mom to her foals and one who will never leave RLR.

So far she has given us some beautiful colts. A buckskin named RLR I’ll Be The Judge (Sold) and recently in 2020 a colt named RLR Keghans Wingman. (Available)

North Fork Mimmi

Sire: Billy Boy

Dam: North Fork Mana

DOB: May 22, 2012

Her Story: Mimmi is one of last Billy Boy daughters in North America before his passing in 2011. She has no problem throwing bone, feather and conformation to her foals. She has a sweet personality like her dam and is put together exceptionally well. This beautiful mare also has a red gene and knows how to throw it. Check out her stunning 2020 filly NF Fancy Fiona! We can’t wait to see what else this pretty mare will throw! Stay tuned!

Clononeen Layla

Sire: Clononeen Joker

Dam: Not verified

DOB: January 1, 2005

Her Story: Layla was imported to Canada from the UK and is a mare that has outproduced herself time and time again. She carries a red gene and has no problem throwing that colour to her foals when paired with the right stallion. Layla has a dark mane and piebald combination that adds to her beauty and possesses a very sweet disposition. Her sire is a DNA verified Checkity Horse son, and she is on the taller side at approximately 15hh. Layla has one blue eye and tons of quality feather, bone and type.

NF Nikita

Sire: North Fork Aslan

Dam: Clononeen Isabel

DOB: May 5, 2013

Her Story: Niki as we call her, is as sweet and gentle as they come. This pretty girl loves everyone and takes her job here at RLR very seriously. She is one of the first to come and say hello and is happy to be loved on all day long.

She is a red sabino who is beautifully marked and stacked with heavy bone. Her imported dam was a favourite of many. This mare’s foal will be one to watch in 2021!

Queen of The Gypsies

Sire: The Roadsweeper UK
Dam: The John Stanley’s Mare

DOB: January 1, 1997

Her Story: When the Romany breeders in England gave this mare her name, we know exactly what they were thinking. Her singular beauty and regal presence exemplified royalty. She became: Queen of the Gypsies.

Within days of arriving at the ranch, Queen embraced her new role as a therapy horse with a group of visitors, demonstrating a tenderness towards people that left us speechless. It seems her years of wisdom and life experience make her the perfect horse to reach people in a way that is truly life-changing.

Queen is also a direct daughter of The Road Sweeper UK.

We are sad to report that in the summer of 2020 Queen decided is was time to go home to her forever pastures in heaven. If love alone could have kept Queen here she would have lived forever.

We miss you Queenie