Meet the Geldings...

Our geldings make up a very important part of our lives and our programs. We use them not just for lessons, but also for our Healing with Horses program. All the geldings that are chosen to stay here at the ranch are because they have amazing temperaments and are ambassadors of the Gypsy breed.

From pulling wagon rides, to being led by a 5yr old child struggling with PTSD, you never know what will be in store for these gentle, loving boys day in and day out. We consider them to be true family members and friends.


Captain Jack Sparrow

Sire: Billy Boy

Dam: Clononeen Miss Pio

DOB: June 11, 2012

Meet Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain as we call him. He is a very sweet gelding who has been us for several years now. Captain is a family horse who is ridden by everyone and won several championships over the years.

Captain is a one of kind gelding and will spend out his days here with us at RLR.

North Fork Woolly Mammoth's Sampson

Dam: SD Mimmi

Sire: SD Woolly Mammoth

DOB: May 1, 2016

Sampson is as strong as his names sounds. With the strength of his sire and the gentleness of his dam, we feel very blessed to have him in our programs here at the ranch. Sampson is used for everything at the ranch. From driving to riding, to our Healing with Horses program this gelding is outstanding! A true one of a kind, who has also won many Championships in halter and riding classes.

Gypsy Dreams Thunder Struck

Sire: SD Lionheart

Dam: SRS Blue Cloud

DOB: June 22, 2019

From the moment this colt was born we staked our claim and let Gypsy Dreams know that we wanted him at River Lane Ranch, and now he’s finally here!

His dam known as Blueberry is 12hh and the cutest chunk of love you have ever met! Thunderstruck has all the qualities to be an outstanding mini stallion, but the jury is out if he will be kept a stallion or turned into a gelding for our grandbabies.

Either way this beautiful bay boy is now ours and we are so grateful to Gypsy Dreams for letting him join our herd.

It’s extra special when his sire is one of our stallions!

Watch this colt grow, he’s going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!