Meet the Geldings...

Our geldings make up a very important-part of our programs. We use them not just for lessons, but also for our Healing with Horses program. All the geldings that are chosen to stay here at the ranch are because they have amazing temperaments and are ambassadors of the Gypsy breed.

From pulling wagon rides, to being led by a 5yr old child struggling with PTSD, you never know what will be in store for these gentle giants every single day.



Captain Jack Sparrow

Sire: Billy Boy
Dam: Clononeen Miss Pio
DOF: May 22, 2012

Meet Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain, as we call him, has quite the breeding behind him. He is spectacular and comes from royalty on both sides.  With bloodlines behind him such as Mickey Wall’s Stallion, The Old PO Mare, Billy Boy and The Lob he is a sure winner.  He has chiseled features, crisp black and white markings and a personality that makes everyone he meets smile. He is a forever horse here at River Lane Ranch.

We are so thrilled, at his first Feather Horse Class horse show, Captain took;

Overall Res. Grand Champion Halter Gelding

Overall Res. High Point Show Champion

Overall High Point Youth Show Champion

North Fork Woolly Mammoths Maestro

Sire: SD Woolly Mammoth
Dam: North Fork Mana
DOB: June 1, 2016

Maestro has the heavy bone and confirmation of both his dam, North Fork Mana and his Sire SD Woolly Mammoth. The markings on his face are nothing like we’ve seen before. Making him sure to stand out in the crowd. Maestro will be one to look for in the future, as his grandsire Tumbleweed, the first to be inducted into the GVHS Hall of Fame, past on his amazing temperament and outstanding talent. Maestro is in full-time driving training and will soon be joining our lessons program.

North Fork Rorschach’s The Red Baron

The Red Baron is a favorite of all who meet him. He is unique in every way, with his red Blagdon colouring, which is distinctive and simply remarkable. As a grandson of Tumbleweed, he has the movement and carriage that every trainer wants to see in a young prospect. Trained under saddle Red Baron is simply fearless. Weather in the arena, the obstacle course, or out on the trails, this brave gelding has been the perfect fit for our lesson program. From little ones to beginners, he takes it all on! Watch for him in the 2018 show ring!

Last West Domino (Tristen)

Sire: Romany King
Dam: Daybreaks Wonder Of Spirit GHHH
DOB: May 7th, 2016

His Story:. This yearling gelding has a beautiful head, exceptional neck and heavy muscling. He learns quickly and has a willingness to please with the heart of a leader and the soul of a lover. His sire being Romany King, his quiet strength and commanding presence give Tristen extraordinary potential as a show gelding and soul mate. Tristen is in full-time training and we can’t wait to see what he will do!

North Fork Woolly Mammoth's Sampson

Sire: SD Woolly Mammoth
Dam: North Fork Mini
DOB: June 1, 2016

Sampson is as strong as his names sounds. With the strength of his sire and the gentleness of his dam we feel very blessed to have him in our programs here at the ranch.  Currently being trained to drive single and double and soon to be appearing in our lesson program and Healing with Horses program we are so excited to see just how far Sampson can go and all the people he will help heal along the way.

Gaelic’s Fire Dance (Flame)

Sire: Gaelic Dancer

Dam: Padparadshah

DOB: May 31, 2008

Flame came to River Lane Ranch from Indiana in March of 2018. We were looking for the perfect gelding to add to our lesson program. Little did we know a bond between Flame and Dave Baird would quickly take place. He is now Dave’s main horse and they are an amazing driving team. Be sure to look for Flame and Dave during events! Flame is also a part of our lesson and Healing with Horses program.