Meet the Girls...

Our fillies are all celebrated as something very special when they arrive or are born here at the Ranch. Choosing the right fillies at a young age is important and as we work closely with the Down Family (True Romany Gypsies in England who we consider our family) we learn more and more just how important and special these young girls will become.

Be sure to check the sale page to see if any of these beautiful fillies may be for sale.

RLR Kristyl’s Kalani

Sire: SD Empire

Dam: Kristyl’s Cobs Dream On

D.O.B:  June 20th, 2022

We watched, we waited, and we knew! We knew this pair would give us something very special and indeed they did. Empires first bay filly was born right here at RLR with one of his signature stunning blue eyes, just to let everyone know she has his stamp of approval.

Kalani is just a year old and already heavy in bone, layered in feather and has one of the most perfect cob heads we’ve ever seen on a filly. Her temperament is just the icing on the cake.

RLR Pearl Hart

Sire: SD Lionheart

Dam: SD Jessica Jane

D.O.B:  August 2nd, 2022

Pearl Hart didn’t take long to steal all of our hearts here at RLR. Her dam Jessica Jane is a very, very special mare and Pearl has some big shoes to step into. Lionheart and Jessica Jane have given Pearl all she needs to be a stunning champion in and out of the show ring. When you see this girl you’ll always do a double take, because it’ll be hard to believe that this yearling tank is a filly and not a colt. Watch Pearl Hart, she’s just like her namesake and will be sure to steal your heart in no time.

RLR Call Me Karma

Sire: SD Lionheart

Dam: Day Breaks Wander of Spirit (Aka Maisie)

D.O.B:  April 25th, 2022

Karma was one of our best plans that came together perfectly. Before she was born, we knew she would be owned by our incredible photographer Maureen Noce. This beautiful buckskin tobiano filly is simply a knockout. We love her wide chest, her stunning head and her ability to draw you into her heart with just one look. Karma and Maureen have big plans for the future and we look forward to watching them both grow on their journey together.