Meet the Girls...

Our fillies are all celebrated as something very special when they arrive or are born here at the Ranch. Choosing the right fillies at a young age is important and as we work closely with the Down Family (True Romany Gypsies in England who we consider our family) we learn more and more just how important and special these young girls will become.

Be sure to check the sale page to see if any of these beautiful fillies may be for sale.

SD Special Surprise

Sire: SD Flash Harry

Dam: SD No. 5 Mare Daughter

D.O.B: September 1, 2019

We wanted a solid bay filly to add to our program and that’s exactly what we got when we called up our family in England! This beautiful filly was a very welcome surprise to their family and also one to ours, when we heard they were willing to let her come to Canada. She is one of those fillies who is already showing you what she’s made of at just a young age. Her feather and bone far exceed what we could expect for a yearling, and of course we know she’ll carry that beautiful calm temperament that we see in all the Gypsies. We are very excited to watch this girl grow into the very special mare we know she is.

SD Carmel Joy

Sire: SD Flash Harry

Dam: SD Diva’s Dolly

DOB: May 1, 2019

When this beautiful filly was born in England it didn’t take long to see she was going to be something very, very special. It was clear as day that she was meant to stay… and stay forever she will. This filly has all the right stuff from her famous sire SD Flash Harry and stunning dam Dolly (that we also own) that she will be shown and one day enter into our breeding program.

SD Dream Big

Sire: SD Tornado

Dam: SD Mikey’s Mercedes

D.O.B: June 10, 2020

We love all colours, but if we had a favourite colour it would be this one! Dream Big is a beautiful splash filly that was a dream of ours to have. 2020 has had many twists and turns but when this filly was born, we had the best news ever when we were told she would be ours! We have very big plans for this girl and can’t wait to get her out and shown. She has an outstanding dam and her sire speaks for himself! Watch for Dream Big ..she is about to make some of our big dreams come true!