The Complete Gypsy Package – Offered Exclusively By River Lane Ranch 

One of the first things we realized when we went shopping for a trained Gypsy Cob gelding is that they are very few and far between. It didn’t take us long to realize why. 

The reason for this is because Gypsy Cobs are typically forever horses that work their way into your heart and soul and the perfect geldings just fit! They are incredible family members who bond with and take care of their people. Being bred to be babysitters and take care of their family is exactly what the Gypsy people intended them for. 

We want to help! 

We have several geldings of our own here at River Lane Ranch that are our forever horses and will never leave the ranch. We want our clients to experience the exact same thing. A bond and match that is so perfect it lasts a lifetime. 

At River Lane Ranch we train geldings just for you. Specific to you and your needs. 

 From yearlings to 3yr old’s these packages allow you to make a commitment that not only helps you tackle the cost in a more financially feasible way, but also allows you to receive the training that has a solid and trust foundation from our experienced and dedicated trainers at RLR. 

Your purchase of a Gypsy Cob in this package includes: 

  • A forever soulmate Gypsy Cob gelding that suits your wants and needs. 
  • No monthly board costs. 
  • No monthly Farrier Costs. 
  • No Special feeds costs .
  • RLR continues to raise, train and handle your horse the same way they always have and would for their own. 
  • All ground training and handling – Clip, bath, tie, load, lead, stand etc. 
  • Ground driving in their yearling summer year and into their 2yr old year.
  • Started under saddle with many miles in the arena and on the trail. 
  • Visits to RLR when or if you wish. 
  • Updated via video and photos along the way.
  • 50% down on the package price must be made in full. 
  • Monthly payments until your package is paid in full.

Buyers are responsible for: 

  • Any vet costs that may occur.
  • Insurance on the horse if they wish (buyers choice).
  • Shipping, Coggins and border health checks if needed.
  • Pick up of the horse.
  • Any showing costs if showing is desired. 

Answers to some of your questions.

  • Package prices may vary depending on the horse and age of the horse being purchased. 
  • 50% must be received down, but you may also pay for it all up front. 
  • No board, farrier or special feed costs are charged. 
  • You may visit the ranch at any time to see your horse. We just ask because of Covid that you call ahead and arrange a date and time.
  • Weanlings may be purchased in the package, but it does reflect the cost because we have them longer for you 

North Fork Special Edition

For Sale

Sire: North Fork Woolly Mammoth’s Legacy
Dam: North Fork Tumbleweed Gracia

DOB: May 11, 2019

We call him Eddy and he would make a special edition to any family. This beautiful boy has all the makings of a gelding champion and then some. Long flowing mane, beautiful thick feather, great bone and so much more! Eddy would make an excellent driving, riding, trails, mounted shooting, English riding, dressage…you name it, this boy can go in any direction you want to take him and then change directions and go the other way. He reminds us of a gelding we have in our herd that our family has coined as “priceless”.  If we could keep them all, Eddy would be one on that list. If you want safe, special and a lifetime of love and joy from your horse …this is your guy!

Price: For pricing please email [email protected] or call 780 993 1593.

North Fork Lestat

For Sale

Sire: North Fork Rorschach
Dam: Clononeen Layla

DOB: August 4, 2019

From the day he came to us as a weanling this boy has had a special place in our hearts. He is not just cute and cuddly, but you can see he feels and understands everything going on around him. Lestat has been in on-going ground training since he arrived at RLR and continues to excel and grow no matter what we are throwing at him. Walk over tarps, pony along beside the big boys, stand to tie, clip, bath days, walk over bridges, through water, ground driving name it ..he’s got it!

Lestat is a part of our Complete Gypsy Package. This means he can be purchased and remain at River Lane Ranch to be trained and raised under our training and programs.

Price: For pricing please email [email protected] or call 780 993 1593.

NF The Red Baron


Sire: North Fork Rorschach
Dam: Clononeen Violet

DOB –May 27, 2015

There are so many things to say about Red Baron,it’s hard to know where to start. This stunning 3yr old not only has perfect bone, feather and conformation ..he’s got a flashy colour to go with it!

Red Baron is broke to ride, as this is a gelding who can do it all. His last show was the Feathered Horse Classic where he won Grand Champion Gelding, Overall Halter Champion and so much more!

He is a very special boy at RLR, as he’s the main horse for all the grand babies and new comers. This gelding is ready to win in the show ring and in your heart.

Last West Domino (Tristen)


Sire: Romany King
Dam: Daybreaks Wonder Of Spirit GHHH
DOB: May 7th, 2016

His Story:. This yearling gelding has a beautiful head, exceptional neck and heavy muscling. His striking pattern is sure to draw attention from judges and spectators alike.  He learns quickly and has a willingness to please with the heart of a leader and the soul of a lover. His sire being Romany King, his quiet strength and commanding presence give Tristen extraordinary potential as a show gelding and soul mate. He is fit and ready for the show pen! Tristen is in full-time training. He clips, loads, is fit and ready for the show ring.