Outside of our Gypsy Vanner horses, there are a lot of animals here at River Lane Ranch.

Some of these guys have been with us since birth! They are all a part of our family and we are happy to share them with you here.

CM Kauai’s Legend

Kauai belongs to Carmel Baird and is as she calls him “ Her dream horse!”. Kauai was purchased from CM Performance and Halter Horses and is now in training with Rich and Chris Miller. He will go to the Canadian Nationals in August of 2017 and we hope to see big things out of this guy! Carmel wanted a western pleasure horse and found the best of the best to help her with that dream. Watch for updated video’s and photo’s of Kauai’s journey on River lane Ranch FB page.


This little guy is from Still Meadows Ranch and is set to be Keghan next rope horse! He has a great personality and loves to snuggle! He has already began his light training program and is towed along to all the roping lessons and jackpots.


This is Journey. She is as sweet as they come. Also from Still Meadows Ranch. She will be in the running to be Mike’s barrel horse, they are match made in heaven!


Turtle belongs to Carmel Baird and was owned by Brian Rusnak since he was a yearling. He was his main rope horse for a lot of years. Now at the ranch enjoying his retirement years, he happily packs around the grand babies for rides.


Rusty turned 28 yrs old in 2017 and is the oldest of the ranch herd. He has earned every right to rest and be loved on. He enjoys his days with Turtle and Bruiser as those are his two best friends.


Sassy belongs to Mike and she is one of two of her barrel horses. Sassy and Mike run an amazing pattern together and are a force to be reckoned with this year! Sassy has taught Mike a lot this year. Mostly to hold on and let er’run!


Hudson also belongs to Mike. Hudson is new to the ranch and was trained by Christine Drisner at Still Meadows Ranch. He is a 1D barrel horse who knows how to get the job down, but you better sit down and get a grip, cause he has NO PROBLEM flying around those barrels at top speed!


Sage belongs to Keghan. She is his main rope horse. She is a big girl and they’re a great pair. Sage is a lot like her owner and picks and chooses who she likes and who she doesn’t, she loves to rope and chasing cows is her thing!


Bruiser is Ben’s horse and loves kids! He was a little pick up pony at one time for peewee bronc riding! He tolerates everything and happily packs Ben and the other grand babies around the ranch where they want to go.

Donkey’s - Sambucca, Tequila & Malibu

These three came to us when we least expected it.as we certainly didn’t set out to have Donkey’s. They love everyone and are so happy to have their daily scratches and snuggles with those who pass by.


Walter is our peacock! He can be heard all over the ranch and freely roams wherever he wants to go. You’ll often see him perched up on Dave’s tractor looking for a mate, or fanning himself for all his chicken friends!


We have lots of chickens at the ranch and a steady flow of free range eggs for friends and family. The hens are let out to roam during the day so easy does it down the driveway!

Gone But Not Forgotten