Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and ongoing outbreaks in our area we are not hosting any tours or drops ins currently.

Please check back with us as we hope and pray,

we can bring this back to the ranch soon.

River Lane Ranch Tours

The Introduction to The Gypsy Cob Tour  

Did you know that there are less than 1000 Gypsy Cob horses in Canada? This rare breed came to North America in the late 1990’s from the United Kingdom, and still remains one of the most unique and stunning breeds of our time.

River Lane Ranch uses this beautiful breed of horse that is layered with feather, boasts long flowing manes, and have the most peaceful, perfect temperaments for their Healing with Horses Equine Therapy programs.

The Ranch is now opening their gates to you and your family to help teach you all about the Gypsy Cob and all that they stand for.

Learn about the breed, the people who created them, horse behaviour and so much more! You’ll be up close with the horses, have the opportunity to pet them and interact with them and learn first-hand about this incredible breed and what they have to offer the world.


Your Tour will include:

As you get up close and personal with one of our beautiful Gypsy Cob’s, a River Lane Ranch staff member will share with your cohort group the history of these stunning horses and the incredible people who first created this breed over a century ago.

Listen as you get to know the breed and hear the tales of Gypsy Cobs that were used as babysitters for the travellers children, their caravans that are etched in gold, and the lifestyle of the Romany Gypsy culture and strong beliefs that made this breed what it is today.


Your cohort group will get to meet with several of the experienced and qualified team members at River Lane Ranch. From knowledgeable Equine Therapists, expert Trainers, amazing Animal Communicators all the way to Certified Coaches… you will be learning a ton of new and intriguing information on your tour. Learn how animals help us heal and how they are communicating with us each and every day! 

There will be lots of time on your tour for a Q & A. Have a chance to ask all your questions and really dig in deep into the world of horses.



Your cohort group will also get to be up close and personal with our horses at RLR and even get to meet some of this year’s foals. This personal meet and greet for some, has been life changing. Discover the true spirit of the horse and all they have to offer us.

You will also be introduced to some of our geldings and let’s not forget the old soul Stallion of River Lane Ranch ..SD Lionheart. His captivating and gentle demeanour is sure to leave you speechless.



You will complete your tour as you pick up a complimentary beverage and snack at Pappa’s place and head over to our large outdoor riding arena where you’ll be able to watch a display of riding and training.

This display may include our World Champion Stallion SD Empire along with many others who will leave you in awe, with not only their breathtaking beauty but their ability to adapt and build relationships with the people they love. Witness first-hand what this incredible breed can and will do when given the opportunities to soar!



During The Introduction to The Gypsy Cob Tour you’ll be able to see the life and experiences that take place on a full time Gypsy Horse Ranch. Each tour will carry something different …new experiences with the horses, new demonstrations and more!

Come and experience the beauty and sincerity of one of the newest breeds to Canada …the Gypsy Cob!

This tour is an informational walking tour recommended for ages 10 and up. Children under 10 may attend at the parents discretion.

There may be up to 4 cohort groups on each tour. You will experience four different areas of the Ranch privately with your cohort group and gather together at the end of your tour with the other groups for the arena demonstration. Social distancing from other cohort groups will be clearly marked and must be maintained at all times. 

To register for this tour please fill out the form below, you will be contacted by a River Lane Ranch staff member to book your spot!

We can’t wait to see you at River Lane Ranch!

The Introduction to The gypsy cob tour

When: Thursday’s (weather permitting)

Tour start Times: 10:00 am to 7:00 PM

Length of tour: 2 Hours

Cost per cohort group: $100 up to 4 guests, $25 per person for each additional guest up to a maximum of 12 guests per group (including all children).

*Children 5 and under free


Things to note before booking a tour or drop in session.  

Please review carefully before proceeding with booking your tour.

  1. All participants are required to fill out and sign a waiver/covid 19 questionnaire before participating in any tours/drop in session.
  2. Tours/drop in sessions are informational and recommended for ages 10 and up. Children under 10 may attend at the parents discretion.
  3. Each tour may have up to 4 cohort groups. Cohort groups are groups of 4 to 12 people who you live or socialize with and arrive with and will tour the Ranch together.
  4. Social distancing within your cohort group is not required however please respect the space of the others on your tour. You must obey social distancing at all times and do you best to remain 6 feet apart from any other cohort groups.
  5. You must stay with your cohort group at all times.
  6. River Lane Ranch follows strict rules and guidelines as laid out by the Alberta Health Services. You will be asked to hand sanitize several times throughout the tour.
  7. Masks may be worn throughout the tour/drop in session if you wish but are not required when outdoors and social distancing can be maintained.
  8. Participants in tours/drop in sessions may be required to wear a mask if/when social distancing is not possible. Masks are required when entering the indoor Barn area. If you do not wish to wear a mask you will be asked to skip these portions of the tour/drop in session.
  9. You must wear appropriate footwear. Running shoes, boots, rubber boots or closed toed shoes. Your tour/drop in session experience will not be the same if you do not comply with this rule as you will not be able to interact with the horses without appropriate footwear.
  10. Please advise us if you or someone in your party has a disability and we will do our best to accommodate the tour for you.
  11. Children MUST remain with adults and be supervised at all times.
  12. ABSOLUTELY NO FEEDING of the horses (not even picking grass for them).
  13. The Ranch is home to several dogs. They are friendly. You may pet them and love on them but please do not feed them.
  14. Please obey all signage and rules posted at RLR. Do not enter restricted areas at any time.
  15. Please be respectful and have fun!

Please fill out the form below to register for one of our tours.

Please fill out the form below to book a tour or drop in session.
  • Please see "Things to note before booking" as posted above.