Horse Riding Lessons


River Lane Ranch has several types of group lessons:


  • The Littles – For children ages 4 to 6 years (max 4 to a class and 30min riding time
  • Beginner Juniors –  For children ages 6 to 9 years
  • Step Up Beginners-  For children ages 9 to 14 years
  • Adult Learn to Ride For youth 14+ and adults
  • Overcoming Fear – For youth 14+ and adults -Starts on the ground and works up to saddle
  • Summer Day Camps A learn to ride program for children ages 9 to 14 years
  • The Littles Camps For children ages 4-6 (morning) and ages 6-9 (afternoon)



The lessons at River Lane Ranch are more than just riding lessons. You’ll make lifelong friends, have a ton of fun and join a community of like-minded people. Our ranch specializes in teaching riders safety, overcome fear, confidence, responsibility, respect, and compassion for horses. All of our instructors are skilled horsemen & women and are either certified coaches through Canada or in the process of achieving that certification.

Instructors and Teaching Assistants are required to have current first aid including CPR training. If you have any questions regarding the lesson program, please contact us at

The Littles: (4-6yrs old)

The total lesson time is 1hr from start to finish but actual riding time may only be 30min to help the little ones not get distracted. There is no more to 4 per class and each class has an instructor and assistant. They littles will learn about horses from the ground up! An amazing experience for those who love animals and want to learn more about riding and horses. Students must have their own licensed riding helmet & parents may be required to lead horses if required.

Cost = 35.00 per lesson or buy a package of 8 for 245.00 (Get 1 lesson free!)

Beginner Junior Rider Program (6-9yrs old)

This program lays down the foundation to help children begin a journey into becoming incredible horsemen/horsewomen. The emphasis is on fun, safety and active participation whether on-horse or off. This is a great place to begin for those who want to learn to ride!

Cost = 45.00 per lesson or buy a package of 8 for 315.00 (Get 1 lesson free!)

60.00 per private lesson – No packages available

Step Up Juniors (9-14yrs)

These lessons are designed to give new riders an introduction to riding and horsemanship. Riders have one hour of riding or stable management. This not only teaches these students to ride but about health and care of the horse. This is a program for those who are serious about riding and may want to own their own horse one day. The use of a riding helmet is required and you must provide your own. Ages 9-13yrs old.

Cost = 45.00 per lesson or buy a package of 8 for 315.00 (Get 1 lesson free!)

60.00 per private lesson – No packages available

Adult Learn To Ride

Have you always wanted to ride horses but just never got a chance to ride? Is the experience of riding a horse calling your name? This is a great opportunity for you for you to begin taking a step towards an amazing experience with a beautiful animal.

Cost = 45.00 per lesson or buy a package of 8 for 315.00 (Get 1 lesson free!)

60.00 per private lesson – No packages available

Additional Details:

Riders can seamlessly move from one level to the next based on his or her development as a rider. Every rider progresses at a different rate, and there is no pressure to move forward unless you’re ready. Lessons should be scheduled 1 week in advance.

Summer Camps

During the summer months, RLR offers 3 types children’s horse camps. These are all day camps.

Juniors Soar – This day camp is geared towards children between the ages of 9-14 who have little or no experience with horses and riding and is a full day for students. Cost – 350.00 per student

The Littles – These day camps are geared towards children between the ages of 4-6yrs (morning program) and 7-9yrs (afternoon program). The emphasis is on fun, safety, and active participation on-horse and off. Cost 250.00 per student

Additional Lesson Information: 

  • Between 2 – 6 riders per group lesson
  • Private lessons are one on one with the instructor
  • River Lane Ranch instructor will assign horse to rider. No exceptions (Unless student is bringing their own horse)
  • Children under the age of 12 yrs. old must be escorted to and from the arena
  • Family members are encouraged to watch the lesson, but we do ask for parents to be quiet during the lesson. Let the teacher do her job and the kids have fun!

Apparel Requirements 

  • Safety approved equine riding helmet
  • Hard soled boots with sufficient heel to restrict the foot from passing through stirrup
  • Long, well-fitted pants (stretch if possible)
  • No shorts or sandals
  • Gloves are required in the winter months
  • Rubber boots are not recommended for winter months, but great for the spring at the ranch.

Missed Classes, Cancellations & Refunds

  • All classes are subject to change due to registration numbers and instructor availability
  • You must cancel your lesson within 24hr full notice.
  • Several cancellations will result in no future rescheduling
  • Lessons must be paid for the day of the lesson or package cards can be purchased and are punched during the lesson.

Haul In & Ride

Are you interested in hauling in and riding in one of arena’s or using our round pen?

The cost for a haul in is $25.00 or you can buy a package of 8 haul ins for $160.00 – (Please see office for punch card) (Save $40)

Meet Our Instructors!

Tiffany Hawkins specializes in teaching children, beginner riders and those who struggle with a fear of horses or a fear of riding.

Her lesson programs are designed take you step by step through the journey to becoming a safe, confident and knowledgable rider. Tiffany’s patience and understanding of those who she teaches plays a big roll in how she impacts her students.


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River Lane Ranch Important Rules & Things to Know

  • All riders, students, haul in’s etc. MUST sign a new waiver every year. See barn office for a waiver.
  • Lessons are booked by appointment via email or phone. Once booked into a lesson you must give 24hrs notice. (We do take into account extenuating circumstances. Please discuss with instructor)
  • Lesson packages can be shared amongst family members and friends but must be used for the specific instructor they were purchased for.
  • Private lessons mean no other students will be taught by your riding coach at that time. There may, however, be other riders in the arena.
  • Please remember to clean up after yourself in the arena and outside at all times. Items found on that ranch that were left behind will only remain in the lost and found for 7 days.
  • No smoking in the barns or arenas. We do have designated smoking areas outside please use the butt out cans provided.
  • No haul in riders or lessons before 10 am or after 10 pm.
  • DO not shed out horses in the arenas. Please be sure to clean up manure, hair etc off the rails.
  • Pick up manure immediately in all arenas after use.
  • RLR does have working dogs on the property. We ask that you do not bring your dogs/pets to the ranch unless otherwise permitted.
  • Healing with Horse sessions are private and if the indoor or outdoor arena is being used there will be a sign posted letting you know what time you may enter the space.
  • The homes on the ranch are private. We do ask that you remain on the west side of the outdoor arena. Trail rides may only be taken with instructors.
  • DO NOT feed any horses treats or feed without permission from staff. (We do not feed the horses treats from our hands.)