Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and ongoing outbreaks in our area we are not doing any in person Healing with Horses sessions currently.

Please check back with us as we hope and pray,

we can bring this back to the ranch soon.

The Horse is the Mirror to Your Soul...

Healing with Horses

River Lane Ranch wanted to find a way to help others on their journey with healing and change. They knew when they met their first Gypsy Cob Horse that this was a perfect breed to begin the program that they had dreamt of for so long.

Many of the horses used in the Healing with Horses program are bred and raised here at the ranch.  Handled from birth, these horses develop a trust bond with humans that allows them to become willing partners in our equine therapy sessions.


The ranch works with qualified, experienced trainers and staff who are committed to helping individuals overcome their specific challenges.

We understand that each of us, is an individual and we know that one size does not fit all. Our Healing with Horses program is unique, in-depth, and proven to work, to help heal those in need.

For more information for your own private healing with horses session please fill in the form and send us a message.